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  • Will Chinese Shipyards Change Dramatically in the Future? !

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    Although the global shipbuilding industry is in a difficult period, compared to Japan and South Korea, Chinese shipyards still have funds for future investment, focusing on building their own brands and being ready for the market recovery which may come at any time.

    The general manager of China DNV GL Torgeir Sterri Seatrade pointed out in an interview of News Maritime that Chinese shipyards have a clear strategy, especially the large shipbuilding group, such as CSSC, CSIC, Yangzijiang etc., which are already have a good reputation and financial strength, is to enhance their ability and image.

    Sterri acknowledged that the image of poor quality of Chinese shipyards still exist, the discounts of some Chinese built bulk carriers in the second-hand ship market up to 40%. However, he believes that this situation will change in the future, Chinese shipyards’ main goal is to create their own brands, and also change the outside world view.

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