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  • Why is the marine main engine easy to damage?

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    Swedish P&IClub has published a report of how to prevent the damage of marine main engine, which revealed the improper maintenance and repair is still the cause of the high damage incidence of main engine.

    Causes of damage: Lubricating oil contaminated; no expert guidance while major disassembly and maintenance; poor fuel quality; against the provisions and requirements of manufacturers to use the oil separator; disassembly and maintenance not according to the manufacturer’s instructions; the seaman who responsible for maintenance lack of experience and training.

    In view of this, the Swedish P&IClub gave the following professional advice to prevent marine propulsion engine damage:

    1. Implement fuel management on board to ensure fuel quality.
    2. Confirm all equipment work normally, including oil separator and other equipment, and abide by the manufacturer’s normal operation rules strictly.
    3. Must pay attention to monitor the oil quality, at least check on shore once every three months.
    4. Suggest that the experts need to be on the scene during the process of major dismantling and maintenance.
    5. Use the spare parts produced or approved by the manufacturer.
    6. Willing to invest the training of related engineer who responsible for the maintenance.
    7. Do audit and inspection roundly and regularly.
    8. Regularly replace the diaphragm seal which at the lubricating oil outlet of crankcase.marine-main-engine_5854

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