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  • What Should We Repair in the Processing of Preventive Overhaul of Marine Engine?

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    engine-overhaulPreventive overhaul, that is carrying out a complete overhaul against the engine, which has a long total working time but not damaged.

    Due to effects of the maintenance, operation, operating conditions and other factors, and the different operation condition of each device, the consumption of parts is different. Typically, these following indicators and phenomena that reflect the actual using status can help to determine whether the machine needs overhaul:

    1. Planning indicators: total fuel consumption; the total number of working hours; SOS analysis; TA2 test; maintenance history and experience.
    2. Appearance index: too much black smoke at full load; fuel consumption increase; blue smoke (oil); white smoke (steam; unburned diesel); oil consumption increase; abnormal noise; powered lowering; overheating; difficulty in starting; core metal debris in oil filter.

     Then what should we do in the processing of preventive overhaul?

    1. Replace: valve, valve seat; the valve guide, valve spring; fuel injector; fan and belt; piston, piston ring and cylinder liner; connecting rod, main bearing and thrust bearing; camshaft bearing; gasket and seal.
    2. Repair: plate; replacing high pressure oil pump (pump shell and regulator); the main fuel pump and transfer pump; oil filter shell and the substrate (only gasket and seal); fan drive (only bearing and seal); the fan belt tensioning device (only bearing and seal); replacing the oil pump; replacing the turbocharger and repairing the cylinder head; changing water pump; starter and generator.
    3. Check: crankshaft; checking engine installation and commissioning.
    4. Clean and test: oil cooler cores (except for replacement); inter-cooler; engine.

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