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  • The Application of Common Marine Engine on Yacht

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    Engine brand Origin Establish(year) Mainly applicative ship type
    MAN Germany 1758 Medium and large yacht
    MTU Germany 1899 Over 70 feet and super yacht
    Yanmar Japan 1912 Medium and large yacht, sailing boat, etc.
    CAT USA 1925 Medium and large yacht
    Volvo Sweden 1927 Medium and large yacht, sailing boat, etc.
    Yamaha Japan 1955 Mainly for the outboard engine
    Mercury USA 1955 Medium and small yacht, outboard engine


    marine-engine-for-yachtFrom the above we can see that the MTU engine is usually used in more than 70 feet and super yacht, Yamaha engine and Mercury engine are mainly outboard engine, the remaining 4 models are mostly suitable for medium and large yacht.

    MAN engine which from Germany is the earliest engine manufacturing company, and they are the world’s first diesel engine manufacturers. And from the United States Mercury engine produced the world’s first outboard machine.

    It is particularly worth mentioning is that in 2005, Volvo engine has launched IPS system, which is currently the most advanced power system with real revolutionary significance in yacht industry. This propulsion system increased the engine efficiency by 35%, up the highest speed by 20% and accelerating performance by 15%, the yacht has smaller turning radius and better turning speed, it is actually measured that the turning performance is superior the traditional over 50%. Fuel consumption is reduced by 30%, the noise level is reduced by 50%, lower exhaust emissions, and also more environmentally friendly.

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