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Deutz Marine Engine

The oldest engine company in the world has a long history of powering boats and ships in the harshest of conditions. A Deutz designed engine can always be relied upon to get you safely to your destination. Whether as the main drive or an auxiliary, Deutz heritage engines demonstrate their power and endurance under all possible conditions. In Deutz engine model, C/M means marine propulsion, CD/DM means marine generator drive engine.

DCEC Marine Engine

DCEC, founded in June 1996, is a modern medium and heavy duty engine manufacturing company. The engine model for marine application include B, C and L. The products adapt to the harsh working conditions, which has received widespread praise from domestic and foreign users because of its advanced economy, power, reliability, durability and environmental security.

CCEC Marine Engine

CCEC is a Sino US joint venture, established in October 1995, it is a heavy load and large horsepower engine manufacturing plant. CCEC diesel engine is designed developed according to the advanced heavy-duty engine technology concept, has advantages of high reliability, good durability, fuel economy, small volume, large power, large torque, torque reserves, strong versatility etc.

Weichai Marine Engine

Founded in 1946, Weichai is one of the biggest manufacturing groups in China. In 2012 Weichai Group acquired Ferretti the world’s largest luxury yacht maker and is an official sponsor of the Ferrari F1 team. Weichai marine engines are suitable for inland and ocean going boat, ship, yacht and marine generator set. From 26hp to 14,700hp. In Weichai engine model, C means marine propulsion engine, CD means marine generator drive engine.

Yuchai Marine Engine

Yuchai has manufactured marine power for over four decades, a market leader in China shipbuilding with a range of diesel and gas engines for marine drive and marine generators between 75hp to 2300hp.In 2012 Yuchai and Wartsila entered a joint venture for large low speed ship engines with power from 3,475kW to 13,960kW.

HND Marine Engine

Henan Diesel Engine Co Ltd (HND) is a member of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) Started in 1958 it uses MAN and Deutz-MWM Germany licensed technology to make V6 V8 V12 and V16 diesel engines between 110kW to 2400kW. HND is able to provide IMO 2000 Nox. CCS, ZY, BV, DNV and LR certification for marine engines.

MTU Marine Engine (licence)

Whether as the main drive or an auxiliary, MTU engines demonstrate their power and endurance under all possible conditions of use. MTU’s Joint venture manufacturing in China can provide marine engines and marine generator drive engines between 260kW and 10,000kW.

Doosan Marine Engine

Advance Gearbox

Advance gearbox includes 2GWH series, GC series, GW series, HCL series, Light Hi-speed series and Medium-low power series, which are widely used in fishing, transport, working, special boats, ocean large-power vessels and etc. The products are approved by CCS, BV, GL, LR, ABS, NK, DNV, RS and KR Classification Societies.

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