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    Can you take the risk of choosing inferior turbocharger? [20/06/2017]

    As the core component of the engine, the turbocharger provides efficient power support for the engine. It can be said that whether the engine is running properly or not, depends on your choice of turbocharger is good or bad, The …

    MTU MB837Ba-500 Engine for Tank and Armoured Vehicle [13/06/2017]

    MTU MB837 series engine is the first generation armored vehicles series engine, developed by Germany after the Second World War. The full range includes V-6, V-8, V-10 and V-12. Later, due to the increase in engine bore from 165mm to …

    Marine Engine Types- Some Boats Need a Stronger Engine Type [15/12/2016]

    The ship in different working conditions will have different operation time.

    Why is the marine main engine easy to damage? [29/11/2016]

    Swedish P&IClub has published a report of how to prevent the damage of marine main engine, which revealed the improper maintenance and repair is still the cause of the high damage incidence of main engine. Causes of damage: Lubricating oil …

    The Application of Common Marine Engine on Yacht [04/11/2016]

    Engine brand Origin Establish(year) Mainly applicative ship type MAN Germany 1758 Medium and large yacht MTU Germany 1899 Over 70 feet and super yacht Yanmar Japan 1912 Medium and large yacht, sailing boat, etc. CAT USA 1925 Medium and large …

    What Should We Repair in the Processing of Preventive Overhaul of Marine Engine? [31/10/2016]

    Preventive overhaul, that is carrying out a complete overhaul against the engine, which has a long total working time but not damaged. Due to effects of the maintenance, operation, operating conditions and other factors, and the different operation condition of …

    How to maintain your diesel engine in season changing days [06/07/2016]

    1 oil replacement There are hundreds of varieties, specifications of diesel in the market, their requirements for oil is also different .Generally we get two situations here: No clear requirements for oil in the specification: It means the oil is available …

    Yacht maintenance Tip [28/06/2016]

    Yachts maintenance can be a pretty big undertaking; individual tasks will vary depending on the type of yacht and material, but the list of chores is likely to be long regardless of the yacht you own.

    The reasons for diesel power shortage and increase in fuel consumption [27/06/2016]

    Diesel in the use of process, assembly and spare parts in the mechanical, thermal and chemical factors, and other aspects of the role, because of friction, wear, corrosion deformation and changed the original design and manufacture of parts, the size of precision, geometrical shape and the technical conditions. This makes the original diesel engine to promote the technological status of the use of performance is gradually declining.

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (V) [25/09/2014]

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Part (V)  3.  Mooring Equipment When the ship is on the docks, away from the buoy, alongside other ship or towed, for mooring, warping equipment are collectively referred to as mooring equipment. Mooring equipment is composed …

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts(IV) [25/09/2014]

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Part (IV)  2. Rudder Rudder is the main equipment of controlling ship, to maintain and heading direction during the voyage. It is mainly composed of rudder gear, servo, steering device and maneuvering gear and other equipment, …

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (III) [25/09/2014]

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (III) (3). Windlass Windlass machinery is used to throw anchor, heave up anchor, and pull back cable. The horizontal layout sprocket shaft Windlass is called horizontal windlass, which is general merchant uses windlass; the vertical …

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (II) [25/09/2014]

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (II) 7. Fresh Water Production Equipment Fresh water production equipment heat the sea water under the vacuum state to produce steam, and then the steam condenses into fresh water. 8.Automation System With the science development …

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (I) [25/09/2014]

    Knowledge of the Ship Main Equipment Parts (I) An operating ship must be equipped all kinds of equipments. Through these equipments, the ship can sail, berth and unberth, load and unload safely. The main equipments in the ship are power equipment, control …

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