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  • MTU MB837Ba-500 Engine for Tank and Armoured Vehicle

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    MTU MB837 series engine is the first generation armored vehicles series engine, developed by Germany after the Second World War. The full range includes V-6, V-8, V-10 and V-12. Later, due to the increase in engine bore from 165mm to 170mm and the use of different ways on speed and supercharging, developed a total of more than 10 kinds of models with the power range from 290 ~ 1103 kilowatts. These engines have been applied in more than 20 armored vehicles in about 15 countries, with the quantity of more than 14,000 units.

    In the early 1950s, Daimler-Benz AG, one of the components of MTU Frederick Hafen, began to develop a high-power MB837 tank engine in accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Ministry of Military Technology. In 1955 the company developed a compact V8 water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 463 kilowatts (630 horsepower) on the basis of the experience of the development of aero-engine and car engine, which later became the Swiss Pz61 tank power MB837Ba-500 diesel engine. Since then this model power has increased to 485 kilowatts (660 horsepower), once again Switzerland named it the Pz tank power.

    EMAC International Group is pleased to offer for sale the above MTU MB837Ba-500 engines.

    These engines are from the Austria army and have been used for the Leopard tanks. All the engines are almost new, and the running hours are between only 60 and 250 hours.

    The engine MB 837 BA -500 is a standalone liquid cooled 8-cylinder diesel with mechanical supercharging. The engine works in four-stroke pre-process.

    MTU MB837Ba-500 Engine for Tank and Armoured Vehicle

    Technical data:

    Type MB 837Ba-500
    Maker MTU (Mercedes Benz)
    Design V-Form 90 Degree
    Fuel Diesel
    Performance Four-stroke Pre-process with Mechanical Supercharging
    Number of Cylinders 8
    Total Capacity 29.900 cm3
    Rated Power 460 – 483 KW, according to DIN 2200 r/min
    Maximum Torque 2206 NM at 1750 r/min
    Rated Power 11 KW/t
    Idle Speed 600-630 (Motor Operating)
    Injection Sequence 1-8-4-2-7-3-6-5
    Empty Charge Highest Speed 2400-2460 r/min
    Full Charge Highest Speed 2200 r/min(Rated Speed)
    Maximum Admissible Operating Speed 2350 r/min
    Lowest Operating Speed 1500 r/min
    Cooling Water Circulation Cooling
    Coolant 115 Liter
    Direction of Rotation Left (Regard Flywheel )
    Mass 1550 kilo
    Maximum Length with Clutch 1360 mm
    Maximum Width 1060 mm
    Maximum Height 1096 mm

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