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  • Glass steel fishing boat industry will enter fast lane

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    June 27, the China Fishing Vessels and Fishery Machinery Associations and the China Composite Materials Information Network (complex material network) co-sponsored the “2017 National FRP / composite material shipbuilding key technology materials application seminar” ,which held in Shandong Weihai grand. From the domestic and foreign glass and steel fishing boat research units, research institutes, universities, design and manufacturing enterprises and composite materials production enterprises experts, entrepreneurs and industry colleagues nearly 300 representatives attended the meeting.


    China is a world fishery country, currently has a total of 1.04 million types of fishing boats, but “old fishing boats, wooden fishing boats, small fishing boats and more.” Currently, China’s fisheries industry is facing an important issue,which how to change this situation and to enhance China’s fishing boats as the representative of the level of fishery equipment. In 2013, The State Council “on the promotion of sustained and healthy development of marine fisheries a number of opinions”, put forward on the promotion of China’s fishery equipment level of the overall requirements, In July 2013, Ministry of Agriculture “on the implementation of the” State Council on the promotion of marine fisheries sustainable and healthy development of a number of opinions, “the implementation of the views of further proposed fishing vessels to achieve “steel and wood” to vigorously develop the specific requirements of glass steel fishing vessels, these All for China’s glass steel fishing industry development pointed out the direction.


    The guests,from China,South Korea, Japan, were introduced to the development and the status of the domestic FRP fishing boats. Since 1980 ,South Korea fiberglass fishing boats have started replace the waste fishing project, 50% of government subsidies to promote the rapid development of glass steel fishing vessels, until the 2006 ,the project of government subsidies was canceled. At present, South Korea has a total of 39,475 fishing vessels, glass and steel fishing vessels are 37927 ,accounted for 96% of the total number of fishing vessels, mostly concentrated in 10 tons.


    Dai hu ,the engineer of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry 701 Research Institute ,conducted a comprehensive interpretation of the “FRP fishing vessel construction inspection code” (2017 version) , He introduce the preparation process, focus on solving the problem, the main content of the revised content and so on. At the same time, actively seek the views of the insiders, welcomed the representatives participate in the new version of FRP fishing vessel construction specifications revised .


    Chen Xin,the consultant of National glass steel fishing boat industry technology development alliance .She held a theme of “times call the Chinese fishing glass glass – China FRP fishing boat development process status and development trend” lectures. In 1973, Tianjin Tanggu marine fishing company designed and built China’s inland first glass steel fishing vessel. At present, the FRP boat manufacturer up to 350 or so, mainly distributed in the coastal provinces, employing about 50,000 people, the annual output value of enterprises from millions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars, has a glass steel ship standardized production capacity. Large-scale enterprises are mainly distributed in Shandong and Guangdong provinces, they can build trawlers, tuna fishing boats, fishing boats, fishing law enforcement and other fiberglass fishing vessels, and also built some export glass steel fishing boats.for Indonesia, Albania, Nigeria, Angola, the United Arab Emirates, Norway and other countries.The development of fishery glass fishing vessels and the development of recreational fishery are the future development trend of inland glass steel fishing vessels in the case of the depletion of offshore fishery resources in China .


    The meeting reviewed the recent development of China’s FRP fishing vessels for nearly 30 years, and learned about the development and technology of FRP fishing vessels in other countries and regions. At present, China’s glass steel fishing vessels accounted for less than 2% of the total number of fishing vessels in China. Besides the reasons of short of policy support, technical standards and the supply of raw materials,the lack of design technology, construction technology, professional talent is the main reason hindering the healthy development of China’s FRP fishing vessel industry.


    With the state put the policy support to develop the glass fiber and steel fishing industry. The enterprise design and construction technology level are continuous improve, the relevant technical specifications and technical standards are continuous perfect, the industrial chain is deeply development,and the establishment of quality and safety concept , China’s glass steel fishing industry will into the healthy development of the fast lane.Let us welcome the better tomorrow of the development of glass steel fishing industry .

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