DCEC 6LTAA8.9-M300

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Engine Model: 6LTAA8.9-M300
Engine Type: 6 Cylinders, in Line
Displacement: 8.9 L
Rated Speed: 1800 rpm
Rated Power: 224 kW(300 HP)
Max. Torque/Speed: 1295 N.m @ 1800 rpm
Aspiration Method: Turbo & Intercooled
Emission Standard: Euro I
Fuel Consumption: 63 l/hr
Packing Size(L*W*H): 1500*1100*1450mm
Gross Weight: 1000 Kg
Lead Time: 15-30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C
 DCEC 6LTAA8.9-M300 Marine Engine

DCEC 6LTAA8.9-M300 Marine Engine

DCEC 6LTAA8.9-M300 Marine Engine

Expanded stroke Combustion: combustion gas expands more adequately, which increases effective power output, assures low fuel consumption under strong power.

Advanced 4-valve structure: has larger horsepower, more adequate air combustion, and low fuel consumption, while it also increases low-speed torque , accelerate quick response and has stronger climbing.

With forced cooling articulated piston: withstand very high mechanical load and heat load, has good intensity.

Enhanced cylinder design: lower the noise and has obvious vibration-suppressing effect.

The central arrangement of the injector and the symmetrical combustion chamber make the in-cylinder gas mixture more even, burning more sufficiently and less emission.

Advanced design: the power ratio is up to 30.0kW / L.

Engine Model
Rated power/ Speed kW /r/min
Standby power/ Speed kW /r/min
6LTAA8.9-GM200 200/1500 220/1500 Turbocharged & Intercooled Euro I
6LTAA8.9-GM215 215/1800 237/1800 Turbocharged & Intercooled Euro I
6LTAA8.9-M300 224/1800 245/1858 Turbocharged & Intercooled Euro I
6LTAA8.9-M315 230/2134 253/2200 Turbocharged & Intercooled Euro I
General Information of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-M300 Diesel Engine
Engine Model 6LTAA8.9-M300
Engine Type 6 Cylinders, in Line
Displacement 8.9 L
Bore*Stroke 114*145mm
Certificate CCS
CPL Number 2724
Net Weight 650 Kg
Overall Diemension(L*W*H) 1480*1080*1430mm
Technical Specification of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-M300 Diesel Engine
Emission Standard Euro I
Aspiration Turbocharged & Intercooled
Fuel System Fuel Injection Pump
Electrical System 24V, Electric Starting
Lowest Starting Temp.(without auxiliary system) -12 degree
Engine Cooling Fluid Volume 11.1 L
Performance Data of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-M300 Diesel Engine
Rated Power/Speed 224kW/300HP @ 1800rpm
Standby Power/Speed 245kW/330HP @ 1858rpm
Fuel Consumption @ Rated Power 63 l/hr
Fuel Consumption @ Standby Power 64 l/hr
Idel Speed 630-830 rpm


Performance Curve of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-M300 Diesel Engine

DCEC-Marine-Engine-ConfigurationA complete engine with all necessary accessories mainly includes followings:

Fuel Injection System Flywheel Flywheel Housing Turbocharger
Intake Manifold Exhaust Manifold Starter Motor Alternator
Clamp & Hose Manual & Documents Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Sea Water Pump & Oil Pump
Fuel-Cutoff-Solenoid Heat Exchanger

Working together with our business partner Hispeed and Hangzhou Advance, we are able to provide a complete engine power pack for all shipyard customers all over the world. We can provide the complete service from design, supply, installation to commissioning ; for more information, please visit www.hispeed-boat.com, www.advance-gearbox.com.Marine propulsion System

User Guidelines

1. The operating should not be out range of the approved number of people and cargo weight.

2. You should take new engine checking and mileage compulsory maintenance when beyond the running travelled distance.

3. You should be clearly that you can’t modify the structure of the engine.

4. if you need to change the spare parts, make sure that you use original spare parts. After-market parts might damage your engine.

5. The quality of lubricating oil using on mechanical B series engine should not lower than API CF-4/SG standard, the viscosity is 15W-40 or when using in the arctic climate 10W-30 and 5W-20. The quality of lubricating oil using on electronic B & C series engine should not than API CH-4/SJ Performance range, the viscosity is 15W-40 or when using in the arctic climate 10W-30 and 5W-20.

6. Your engine must use antifreeze anti-rusted solution, and should change the liquid timely. DCEC recommend to use composite coolant or 50/50 high quality water mix with composite anti freeze.

a. The high quality water should meet all technical requests: concentration of chloride is lower than 40ppm, concentration of sulfate is lower than 100ppm, calcium/magnesium is lower than 170ppm; the prior choice is ionized water, distilled water or softened water.

b. Glycol working range between 40-60% is acceptable.

c. The concentration of SCA is in the range of 0.3-0.8.


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