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  • Can you take the risk of choosing inferior turbocharger?

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    As the core component of the engine, the turbocharger provides efficient power support for the engine. It can be said that whether the engine is running properly or not, depends on your choice of turbocharger is good or bad,


    The appearance of the inferior turbocharger has put the engine and the driver in danger. Because of its low manufacturing level, the turbocharger is prone to various unknown problems during the process of using it. It will not only damage engine and turbocharger, but also endanger your safety of life.

    Potential Risk:

    Incorrect air flow can cause engine overheating and black smoke; Poor quality materials can hardly bear the high speed and tensile stress, it may causes the pressure impeller burst, serious shell cracking, debris splash, or even fire. Endanger the driver’s personal safety.


    Although the counterfeit turbocharger is often cheap and looks like a cheap choice, users will actually pay for fuel consumption, power, reliability and safety. The cost of a single turbocharger is low, but overall, it will cause additional unnecessary cost, like high fuel consumption, more frequent maintenance and more spare parts replacement, the disruption of work arrangements always resulting in the delivery delay and impacting your business.

    Difference in manufacturing processes

    Turbocharger is a high-tech product, the operation environment is extremely harsh, and the technology and process requirements are extremely high.



    • High Temperature: extremely high temperature of 815°C.
    • High Speed: as high as 200000 r/min, which is 40-60 times of the engine speed.
    • Bearing Tolerance: reasonable bearing tolerance is an important factor to ensure the reliability and performance of turbocharger.

    The fake products hardly to achieve the R & D investment and manufacturing investment, so its poor quality is concern!

    On one hand, we need to understand how to identify counterfeit or inferior turbocharger; on the other hand for the original genuine product we also need to know how to maintenance, and using it with more cares to keep good maintenance habits.

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