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  • Bruntons New Controllable Pitch Propeller Was Unveiled

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    A new controllable pitch propeller system that developed by Bruntons Propeller Co., Ltd. was unveiled recently for the first time.

    Bruntons said that they have spent several years to develop this controllable pitch propeller and related equipment, which has solved a number of problems since it was published. In addition to manual control, the new propeller will be equipped with a fully automatic control system, so that the ship operator can switch between maximum power and maximum fuel efficiency. Propeller system can be equipped with traditional controller, but also equipped with a highly advanced computer monitoring system, to achieve a variety of performance mode of operation.

    It is understood that the system can control the propeller on the ship that driven by a hybrid or pure electric in the future, which not only to optimize the efficiency of propulsion, but also optimize the battery and other power supply. At present, the system can be matched with the maximum 2000 horsepower engine of any type of ship. And its design is still improving to deal with higher output.

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