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Cummins recreational propulsion engines from 5.9 to 11L offer advancements in diesel technology that give recreational boaters the freedom to cruise farther, enjoy a smoother, quieter ride with virtually no fumes and experience a level of power and fuel economy never before realized in diesel power. Whether you enjoy day cruises with your family, season-long excursions or sport fishing in the islands, you can count on Cummins power for maximum reliability, performance and safety.

300HP-400HP Cummins Marine Propulsion Engine

6LTAA8.9-M315(315HP) NT855-M300(300HP) NT855-M300(300HP) NTA855-M350(350HP)


Founded in 1946, Weichai is one of the biggest manufacturing groups in China. In 2012 Weichai Group acquired Ferretti the world’s largest luxury yacht maker and is an official sponsor of the Ferrari F1 team. Weichai marine engines are suitable for inland and ocean going boat, ship, yacht.

300HP-400HP Weichai Marine Propulsion Engine

WD10C312-18(312HP) WD10C326-21(326HP) WP10C313E301(313HP) WP10C327E302(327HP)
WD12C327-15(327HP) WD12C350-18(350HP) WP12C350(350HP) WP12C350E300(350HP)
R6160ZC300-5(300HP) R6160ZC326-5(326HP) R6160ZC300-1(300HP) R6160ZC350-1(350HP)


Yuchai has manufactured marine power for over four decades, a market leader in China shipbuilding with a range of diesel and gas engines for marine drive and marine generators between 75hp to 2300hp.In 2012 Yuchai and Wartsila entered a joint venture for large low speed ship engines with power from 3,475kW to 13,960kW.

300HP-400HP Yuchai Marine Propulsion Engine

YC6M300C(300HP) YC6M320C(320HP) YC6MK300C(300HP) YC6MK320C(320HP)
YC6T300C(300HP) YC6T350C(350HP) YC6T380C(380HP) YC6T330C(330HP)
YC6T375C(375HP) YC6T390C(390HP)


Henan Diesel Engine Co Ltd (HND) is a member of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) Using MAN and Deutz-MWM Germany licensed technology to make V6 V8 V12 and V16 diesel engines between 110kW to 2400kW.

300HP-400HP HND Marine Propulsion Engine

TBD234V6 (300HP) TBD234V6 (330HP) TBD234V8 (340HP) TBD314V6(330HP)
TBD314V6(370HP) TBD314V6(385HP)

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